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Wheelchair Users Should Pay Attention To?
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

Wheelchair users should pay attention to?

1, pay attention to safety, in and out of the door or when an obstacle is encountered, do not use the wheelchair door or obstructions (especially most of the elderly have osteoporosis, injury-prone).

2, when the wheelchair, instruct client to hand on the wheelchair armrest, recoil, not leaning forward or on its own initiative to get off; so as not to fall, if necessary, add constraint. Shanghai Huashan Hospital of Neurology, Avon

3, due to the smaller front wheels of the wheelchair, such as encountered in the fast-moving small obstacles (such as pebbles, small trench) could easily lead to a wheelchair caused sudden stops wheelchair tipping forward or patient harm, be careful pushing wheelchairs, pull mode can be used when necessary (due to larger rear wheel, the more impaired ability).

4, wheeling downhill speed is slower, head and the back of the patient should lean back and hold the handrail, to avoid accidents.

5, keep observation; patients such as edema, Ulcer of lower limb or joint pain, pedals can be raised, pad with soft pillows.

6, warm when the cold weather, putting the blanket on a wheelchair, also with blankets around the patient's neck, fastened with a PIN and around the arms, pins fixed to the wrist, then upper body around, and after you take off your shoes with a blanket to wrap the legs and feet.

7, should always check the wheelchairs, regular oil, remain intact and set aside.

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