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What Matters To The Selection Of Wheelchair.
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

Best selection of wheelchairs in a rehabilitation physician guidance. If none of the conditions can be based on considering the following factors:

Dimensions of the wheelchair wheelchair seat width, depth, back height and distance between pedals and cushions to meet the actual needs of riders. If it doesn't fit, so that participants have to focus on the parts of the blood circulation will be affected, skin abrasion or pressure sores.

Other factors include the weight of the wheelchair, use location, appearance and operation of patients.

The wheelchair selection of patients with spinal cord injury.

Wheelchairs are lifelong spinal cord injury patient transport, therefore, is important to choose a suitable wheelchair.

For patients with high spinal cord injury, due to poor hand function, patients unable to maneuver a wheelchair attendant is required to promote, so choose high backrest, chest strap a wheelchair. Wheelchair brakes must be reliable, strong, in case wheelchair on its own slide. In addition, the handrails to large, soft, fixed hands as well, also equipped with Anti-decubitus pads, pedal long enough to prevent foot bruise.

Low in patients with spinal cord injury, conditional to be good quality, lightweight, flexible front wheel wheelchair. When the hands droop, and big wheel on a vertical axis, so driven wheel chair is not difficult. Should be driven in with a layer of rubber bands so that friction in the drive. Should also be worn Palm half finger gloves, worn to prevent hand and easy to drive a wheelchair. Foot pedal on both sides should be able to separate, easy to put down the foot, easy to move. Double-side armrest can best be removed, in order to move the wheelchair to the bed, toilet and seating.

Buy regular manufacturers of wheelchairs:

Suggest you buy regular suppliers and service assurance products. Don't forget when buying copies of purchase invoices for future ease of maintenance. Don't buy cheap no site, no factories, no certificate of quality and reliable products, as it may cause secondary damage to the patient.

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