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What Kind Of People Need Wheelchairs
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

What kind of people need wheelchairs:

Many people now know there is some misunderstanding of the wheelchair, that wheelchairs are required of persons with disabilities, now also is not required to use a wheelchair. In fact, many people had to wade through on foot, but could not accept a wheelchair, insisted on walking, finally leading to the leg's condition worsened, in order to avoid secondary victimization for walking-impaired persons, should they choose a suitable wheelchair, so that they can exercise and wheelchair to participate in social activities. So Tianjin wheelchair experts say people with the following conditions should use a wheelchair;

1:Basic walking capabilities, but a long walk hard

2:Ability to walk down, walking on their own hard

3:Brain problems cannot be effectively controlled the body walk

4:Lower limb amputation or paralysis, loss of ability to walk has been or have significant risk

5:Fracture healing time

When an old man due to bone hyperplasia or smaller problems such as osteoporosis, walking difficulties caused when trouble for your family, insists on walking, eventually leading to problems such as fractures and well rehabilitation, so in order to be healthy, to have a healthy and happy old age for the elderly, for the preparation of a suitable wheelchair.

Patients with stroke, paralysis, due to the long stay in bed every day at the ceiling, and the stale air in the room, patients have to endure physical pain, and also the psychological torment, the patient's Moody, not long-term relief of psychological pressure, family, or nurses in the nursing process not normal communication with the patient, causing a great deal of family conflicts. So, there is a suitable wheelchair, enables the patient to fresh air from outside, enjoying the Sun's shining, swept away by mental haze. And in the process of communicating with people, and the patient's attention are transferred, so that effective mitigation of family conflicts. So, buy a suitable wheelchair for patients is necessary.

Because the brain of patients unable to walk in the room in this small space, the patient cannot communicate with the outside world for a long time, resulting in declining physical condition such as talking, so that patients can be very slim. So, should they purchase a suitable wheelchair is necessary.

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