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Method Of Use Is More Important Than The Wheelchair Price
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

Method of use is more important than the wheelchair price.

1, correct sitting posture with sitting in the middle of the wheelchair parts, back and head and hips at 90 degrees. Can't keep herself balanced, should wear seat belts fixed to ensure patient safety.

2, muscle strength training to strengthen the training of trunk muscle strength and control, to ensure that patients can safely sit in a wheelchair for a variety of activities. Training often choose bridging activities, spiral, sit-ups, etc. Use dumbbells, barbells and other strengthening of upper limb muscular strength and endurance training, upper limb has to ensure sufficient sustenance.

3, wheelchair transfer training in order to enable patients to independent wheelchair transfer, must guide patients to specialized rehabilitation training. Church use in patients with a variety of technology transfer such as left and right, up and down off the bed moving, sitting up in bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to bed or in a wheelchair to stand up or move to another Chair and waited.

In case of level 1 steps, should exercise the wheelchair in front of a small wheel pointing upward, the wheelchair back, small round, placed on the steps, and big wheels pushed through the steps again.

4, prevention of pressure sore in patients with out wheelchairs for a long time, and hips should be every 30 minutes decompression time, namely support wheelchair arm with both hands, hips suspended for 15 seconds or so. Also note that all parts of the apophysis under pressure.

5, safety education on patient safety education to help patients develop a habit of braking a wheelchair Handbrake; strengthening the protection. Wheelchairs appropriate parts (breasts, hips) equipped with the protective tape, to facilitate regular patients.

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