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In The Purchase Of Electric Cars Should Pay Attention To Several Aspects Of The Wheelchair?
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

Now on the market have a lot of wheelchair equipment. According to the practicality mainly electric and manual wheelchairs, manually apply to short-term care needs of patients and nursing care in the short term to solve a difficult problem. Electric wheelchair suitable for bedridden persons with reduced mobility, can not only reduce the burden of nursing staff and their families, and patients can control their lifestyles.

Of course buying a wheelchair when surely most important is to see its usefulness. When you buy electric wheelchairs, can be considered from the following areas:

1, wheels: whether it is a small stone or on a small ridge is likely to make electric wheelchair wheels dangling, cause out of control or to swerve in the direction, so be sure to pay attention to the wheels.

2, stability, when electric wheelchairs need to ramp up or horizontal through the ramp, not on his back to tip over, head back or sideways from tipping over.

3, comfort, long-term use is best to choose the soft seat cushion electric wheelchairs, such patients will be more comfortable.

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