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How To Buy A Wheelchair?
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

For the elderly or people with reduced mobility, wheelchairs are a good means of transport. But in the face of all kinds of wheelchairs on the market, how to choose a suitable one? Tianjin wheelchair experts to first understand the classification of the wheelchair, the wheelchair is divided into ordinary wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and wheelchair. Wheelchairs used in standing wheelchairs, lay-type single side driven wheelchairs, Sports wheelchairs, wheelchairs. When you purchase should be noted:

1, first of all, look at the user's weight and height, select the model, load the right wheelchair;

2, select the material. If you want to go out, travel easy to select a lightweight wheelchair, such as aerospace aluminum alloy material, load-bearing capacity, light weight and easy to carry;

3, according to the consumer's needs. Wheelchair is very powerful now, has big wheels, small wheels; can also be flat when the makeshift bed should be used in combination at the time of purchase of human needs, choices. For example, require users to turn the wheels, optional wheelchair with hand rings, if you do not want users to shake, you can choose to ferry wheelchair;

4, when buying more compared to see whether wheelchair seat and the material is tough and durable, check the quality of the wheels and spokes, the wheel turns flexibility; observe the appearance of the wheelchair technology, rough appearance process wheelchairs its intrinsic quality is not very good, tires to choose durable quality, instruction manual and warranty.

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