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High Performance Wheelchair To Facilitate Travel For The Elderly.
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

High performance wheelchair to facilitate travel for the elderly.

Wheelchair car this is a specifically for some crowd using of, it instead of feet not convenient of people using, main crowd is some disability has or is age big has legs are not quick walk also tired, so on can using wheelchair car to for travel has, this first was people design out also only with human for push, in this car behind has put hand is specifically used to cart of, or patients himself with hand to control this wheels to for steering also is compared trouble of, later people design out better of wheelchair car to, Full-automatic line does not require human operation.

Electric intelligent wheelchair car of performance is is strong of, it whole body are is was machine manipulation with, operation of place on in hand of following, so is convenient, car of power is by a Queen of lithium battery to provides kinetic energy, so on farewell has human to for control car, wheelchair car of speed is can through button to for control of, also has is it back is quite simple convenient of, machine flexible operation, is elderly and residual barrier people of a good Assistant.

Wheelchair will continue to improve, according to people's requirements are designed to meet the different needs of people, don't use a human can easily control the run, instead of the function of the foot and back, and it can lay flat or lengthened to make people more comfortable.

Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd