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Do You Know What Is Folding Walkers With Wheels?
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 08, 2019

   Walker, A device that helps the body support weight, balance and walk is called a walker. It is not convenient for pedestrians to go up and down stairs, slopes and rugged roads. It only works on flat roads. It can be divided into four types: fixed, pulley, R-type walker and four-wheeled walker. 


What types of walkers are there?

Fixed walker(JL913L)


Who is suitable?

Suitable for elderly people who have difficulty in walking, but have good physical condition and good muscular endurance and balance.


When using, the walker should be lifted forward, so it is suitable for the weight support of the elderly and the upper limbs are stronger.

R type walker (fixed and wheeled)


Who is suitable?

Suitable for the elderly with poor muscle strength in the lower limbs and unable to support the general walker from the chair.


When the elders with poor muscle strength in the lower limbs stand up from the chair, the hand is slightly bent to fit the force. Put your hands on the groove of the R-type walker. After the support points, put your hands up and put them up. It is easier to stand up.

Wheeled walker(JL9125)


Who is suitable?

There is no need to lift the walker forward, and the body load is small compared to the fixed walker, suitable for all elders who need to use the walker to walk.


When using, just push the walker forward and use the two wheels in front of the walker to advance; the rear 2 feet of the walker are brakes, just press the hand down to automatically brake.

Some elders can only walk in small steps due to weakness of the muscles of the feet. They can't lift their feet and walk. It is recommended to use a wheeled walker. Most of these types of elders are also weaker in upper limbs. The device is prone to fall.

Four wheel walker(JL965LHQ)


Who is suitable?

Suitable for the elderly with insufficient muscle strength or poor coordination, can not lift the walker but has normal grip and can operate the brake system.


The four-wheeled walker makes it easy for the elderly to go shopping and rest. Four-wheeled walkers are generally equipped with seats and storage baskets and are not recommended for use in small indoor spaces.


Elders with poor balance or coordination skills are less recommended. When walking with a four-wheeled walker, it is easy to fall or fall due to the inability to fix the caster to lose balance.

[Guidelines for Walker Selection]

In addition to the function of the choice of walking aids, the material weight can be selected by personal preference. Some people think that the weight is more stable. If the fixed type is selected, the premise is that the upper limbs should be strong, and the walker can be lifted and lowered stably. Avoid increasing the chance of falling due to gravity traction.

If you can't judge which type of walker you are suitable for, it is recommended to go to the professional aid center or medical institution of each county to evaluate the physical condition and make a choice after personal trial.

[How to use the walker correctly]

Adjust the height first: the height of the walker is recommended to be parallel to the protruding part of the bone (the greater trochanter of the femur) on the side of the buttock; if the protrusion of the buttocks is not obvious, it can be parallel with the protrusion of the elbow when standing; When the walker is used, the hand will naturally bend slightly from 20 to 30 degrees.


[How to use the walker]

1. Walking on the ground correctly.

Walker mode is used when a single foot is injured.

Step 1/Walker first forward

Step 2/Injured side feet forward (do not bear body weight)

Step 3/Uninjured foot and finally go forward

Tip: If the lower limbs are not injured, step 2 can be replaced with the usual foot first.

2. Sitting in the right way.

Using the walker to sit from the station to the station, you must first determine that on the stable plane, the center of gravity moves forward is the key to stand up smoothly.

Step 1 The hips sit forward about 1/3 of the chair, and the edge of the chair is about the center of the thigh.

Step 2/Double feet on the flat ground, the knees are slightly bent inward to apply force.

Step 3/The upper body leans forward, and when viewed from the side, the shoulders are more than the front of the knees, and the center of gravity is tilted forward.

Step 4 / Hand pressure walker force to stand up.

Tip: In addition to the use of a walker, any plane that can be pressed, such as a table, can stand up in this way.


Our mission is to lead those who need it to live a more dignified life. 

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