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Buy Wheelchair Often The Areas That Need Attention.
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

General requirements, wheelchairs:

Wheelchairs are not only for indoor use, is often used outdoors. For some patients, the wheelchair may move between them in the home and in the workplace. So, select the wheelchair shall conform to riding conditions, specifications and user adapted to body, ride comfort, stability, wheelchairs should be robust, reliable and durable, when transfers are made and fixed firmly on the ground, to avoid shaking; easy to fold and carry; driven effort, less energy consumption. Price to the users accept, allows the user to select the appearance (colors, styles, and so on) and function a certain degree of autonomy. Spare parts and repairs.

Second, how to choose the type of wheelchair:

We usually see high back Chair, General wheelchair wheelchair, care, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, sports wheelchair race, and so on. Selecting wheelchairs should be given to patients with disabilities of the nature and extent of, age, body functions, the use of the.

High back Chair – orthostatic hypotension is often used, unable to maintain 90-degree seated patients. Postural hypotension after remission should be changed to common wheelchairs as soon as possible, so that patients with self-propelled wheelchair.

Ordinary wheelchairs-the upper extremity function in patients with normal, such as patients with lower limb amputation, lower paraplegia, wheelchairs can use an ordinary wheelchair with inflatable tires.

Electric wheelchair – upper limb function, you cannot drive ordinary wheelchairs may make use of wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs equipped with friction wheel.

Nursing Chair-if poor hand function in patients with mental disorders associated with, you can choose lightweight wheelchair in nursing, helped by others.

Sport wheelchairs--for some, a strong young wheelchair user, motion wheelchair sports helps them, and enrich the spare life.

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