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Artificial Intelligence Is Also Expected To Be A New 'weapon' In Rehabilitation
Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2018

China currently needs at least 300,000 rehabilitation therapists, but in reality there is only 30,000. The supply gap is huge. Chinese and foreign experts have pointed out that traditional Chinese exercises and therapies such as tai chi and acupuncture, as well as intelligent rehabilitation application based on "Internet +", provide new ideas for solving the rehabilitation needs.

China has a limited number of rehabilitation institutions, with the exception of more than 90 million people with disabilities, Chen lidian, vice President of the Chinese rehabilitation association and party secretary of fujian university of traditional Chinese medicine, said at the first china-us rehabilitation medicine BBS conference in Beijing Sunday. The 600 million chronically ill, critically ill and elderly people need different levels of rehabilitation, and new models must be found to address the rehabilitation gap.

In this regard, rehabilitation experts are focusing on traditional Chinese sports and therapy as well as "Internet +" related intelligent rehabilitation methods.

Li-dian Chen said: "the Chinese traditional exercise therapy is the inherent characteristics of rehabilitation medicine, tai chi, eight brocade, wuqinxi, six tactic traditional evidence-based evidence of exercise therapy, such as taijiquan as an effective exercise in patients with coronary heart disease, tai chi and eight kam training can significantly improve mental function in the elderly."

In the United States, the traditional sports and therapy represented by taijiquan and acupuncture are regarded as effective means of rehabilitation medicine. The U.S. department of health and human services has recommended tai chi exercises for seniors and people with disabilities to prevent falls.

Dr. John tsai, President of the American society of rehabilitation physicians, told reporters that scientific evidence shows that acupuncture is the most effective complementary medicine for treating pain, and given that current drug pain treatment in the United States partly leads to addiction to opioids, acupuncture may be a non-drug alternative to treating chronic pain.

In addition to traditional Chinese sports and therapy, intelligent rehabilitation is also regarded as the development direction of rehabilitation medicine. Li jianjun, vice President of the Chinese rehabilitation medical association, said the rehabilitation industry is being rapidly driven and propelled by new technologies such as "" Internet plus" ", artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

For example, doctors can analyze patients' recovery status at any time through the big data of rehabilitation. Smart phones and wearable devices break the traditional diagnosis and treatment process. Prevention, monitoring and treatment can be realized by "artificial intelligence doctor" in the pocket. Cloud computing has helped bring the traditional face-to-face rehabilitation model online.

Wu hong, President of the American Chinese association of rehabilitation physicians and a professor at the university of Wisconsin, also said that artificial intelligence is also expected to be a new "weapon" for rehabilitation treatment for paralysis or sensory disorder caused by stroke or nerve.

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