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which is the best electric or manual wheelchair

Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Foshan jianlian has 25 years of experience in helping the community. There is no doubt that manual wheelchairs are much better than any other electric wheelchair for many reasons. If you are interested in why a manual wheelchair is better than an electric one, read on because we will discuss some of the advantages of a manual wheelchair.

Configuration options

The main reason manual wheelchairs are a better choice than electric wheelchairs is that they can be configured to meet your needs. Of course, the electrical configuration can be somewhat configured, but not as manual. With electronics, you can get the product you purchased, and you can't actually make any major changes to it, so you benefit a lot. However, with a manual wheelchair, you can choose to configure the entire wheelchair. You can choose many different things, colors, materials, shapes and sizes.

If you want to use a wheelchair for some type of entertainment device, you'll see lower body movement wheelchairs and unique shapes for better rotation. These wheelchairs are also made of some very light materials to provide higher speeds.

Speed difference

If you like to drive fast, you won't like motorized wheelchairs because their speed is not known. In fact, they move very slowly, and over time the speed can become annoying. So if you like speed, a better option is a manual wheelchair, because you're the one who controls the speed limit. Of course, if you want to move fast, you'll need to buy a custom or at least a sports wheelchair, as they are made specifically for fast moving.

Low maintenance

Another advantage of manual wheelchairs is that they require little maintenance, and on the other hand, electric wheelchairs require regular maintenance and maintenance. Otherwise, they break down and stop working after a while. In addition, they need to be paid regularly to work. If you forget to charge it, you'll get stuck because you won't be able to move. The manual wheelchair doesn't happen because it doesn't need to be recharged.

Maintaining electric wheelchairs is also quite expensive, mainly because few people know how to repair them when things happen. In addition, electric parts are very expensive, and manual wheelchair parts are ubiquitous and cheap. All in all, it would be wiser for foshan to join forces with wheelchair users.

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