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Wheelchair use and care.

Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

At any time, when a patient in a wheelchair or wheelchair up or down when carrying out activities, you must master controlling braking (brake), and remove the armrest and footrest, wheelchair hips forward basic movement, and in a wheelchair, can be picked up on the ground, move hands to the footrest to tightly toe guard. Patients and their families learn to push the wheelchair on level ground, pushing a wheelchair on slopes, stair and other technologies.

1, level ground push wheelchairs

When you push the wheelchair on level ground, stabilize the hips, body balance, hold your head up and move forward. His arms back, elbows slightly bent, hands round the ring, his arms forward, elbow extension. When the body slightly forward, repeat, forward momentum due to upper arm strength

2, wheelchair on flat back

Bypass between the arms in the round back and elbow extension placed his hands on the manual, leaned back, shoulders down, the arm with enough strength to the wheel backward drive, for those who cannot put the wheelchair on slopes, will also make use of it lets the wheelchair on slopes, coordinated movements of limbs in hemiplegic patients with healthy test drive the wheelchair.

3, in the slope pushing wheelchair

The Hill: leaning forward, hands positioned after manual lap top, wrist extension, flexion and adduction of shoulder joint move the wheels forward, by converting the wheel intersect with the slope can also enable wheelchair based on the slopes.

Downhill: stretch head and shoulders, and apply the hand brake, place hands on the wheel in front or in the maintenance of wrist extension put a metacarpal bone on his hand when under braking.

4, conversions, wheelchair

To the left, for example: left hand on manual rear, slightly to the left arm external rotation, which passes the body weight through the left hand to the inside of the wheel to the left hand on the right wheel backward rotation, while right in front of the wheels on the right side, under the normal posture.

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