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heelchair maintenance methods are there?

Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

(1) before using the wheelchair, and within a month, you should check whether the bolts loose if loose, to be fastened in a timely manner. In normal use a check every three months to ensure all parts are good, check the sturdy nut on the wheelchair (especially rear axle fixing nut) is found loose, need to adjust, tighten.

(2) wheelchairs in use in case of rain should be dry in a timely manner, the normal use of the wheelchair should always wipe with a soft dry cloth and coated with anti-rust wax, keep the wheelchair sustained bright, beautiful.

(3) regular inspection activities, flexibility in the rotation mechanism, and coated lubricant. If for some reason 24 inch wheel shaft must be removed, reinstall should ensure the nut is screwed in tight, not loose.

(4) wheelchair mounts the connection bolt for loose joints, tightening is strictly prohibited.

Wheelchair off the lower-body disability or reduced mobility for the elderly, is their second pair of legs. but now many people are like that, after the home wheelchair, trouble free use as long as the wheelchair, they generally do not go to the inspection and maintenance, they feel comfortable, in fact, this is the wrong approach. Although manufacturers can guarantee the quality of the wheelchair is no problem, there is no guarantee that you use after a period of time no problem, so in order to ensure the best wheelchair wheelchair needs regular maintenance.

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