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Briefly describe the types and characteristics of wheelchairs.

Jianlian Homecare Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2015

1. electric wheelchair

There are different specifications can be distinguished for adults or children. Its weight is about 1 time times the standard wheelchair. To meet levels of disagreement needs of sick people. There are several difference control method of electric wheelchairs, hand or forearm, local survival function, can be operated by hand or forearm to operate electric wheelchairs. This wheelchair push button or remote control is active, using fingers or forearm, the slightest contact to operate. To monitor traffic speeds close to normal walking speed and climb the 6~8 slope. Patients on complete loss of hand function and forearm, to control electric wheelchair can be supplied with the jaw. Now more controlled electric wheelchair using respiratory and eye, further extends the use of wheelchair confined, many past can't imagine being able to escape life in bed for patients with upper cervical vertebrae damage to complete the necessary level of free movement.

2. other special wheelchairs

To the specific needs of certain patients with disabilities, there are many other remarkable wheelchair. Such as

(1) single side-wheelchair

(2) toilet special wheelchair

(3) some wheelchairs attached to the landing gear installed

3. the construction briefly, but when you do not have to take up more space, and out of the car is not convenient.

4. folding wheelchair

Frame, foldable, easy to carry and transport. This is one of the currently most widely used abroad. Chair width and height of the wheelchair to basis differences, available to adults, adolescents and children, some based on wheelchair can be changed with a larger seat and back, in response to the needs of child development from time to time. Folding armrest or footrest of the wheelchair are opened.

5. lay-wheelchair

Backrest can be tilted back from the vertical until level. Footrest can freely transform angle.

6. active wheelchair

Special wheelchairs designed based on race. Light weight, can run faster when used outdoors. In order to reduce weight, in addition to the selection of high-strength light materials (such as aluminium), some active wheelchairs not only removal of armrest and footrest, backrest handle can also be partial removal.

7. push-type wheelchair

There are others push wheelchairs. This wheelchair can both before and after the same small diameter wheels to reduce cost and reduce weight, armrest available fixed type, open or demolition type, push-type wheelchair Chair for primary care.

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